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Edgepoint Software navigates the dynamics of the modern work environment, with a safe data solution, immediately available to impact productivity.


Edgepoint is a background application that allows computer users to instantly save, recall and share unlimited software Service applications, documents, websites and disconnected digital resources on a digital scale. No matter where the information is stored. Edgepoint has a cloud-based functionality that captures active digital data quickly and efficiently, providing access to the data easily from any device. 


When relaunching the application it will retrieve the saved digital resources, and reconstruct the format of the archived workflows instantly. Switching between active software service applications facilitates Edgepoint instantly, including outlying digital resources persisting outside those applications. 


Edgepoint provides a critical functionality, allowing professional teams in the office and remote desktop space, to capture, access and archive digital information more efficiently. Edgepoint is structured as a business-to-business subscription-based customer solution.

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