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What is

We aim to offer customers the most advanced cloud service in the world.

Now Introducing
Edgepoint +

Edgepoint Software's development team provides cutting-edge digital tools to focus access and enable actionable insights from data. The software transforms digital data into meaningful information for professional teams, whether in-office or remote. With efficient capture, access and archiving capabilities, Edgepoint turns data into targeted information to power focus and comprehension.

What makes it so advanced?

Edgepoint consolidates unstructured data from diverse sources into an intelligent hub, automatically organizing information while providing analytics and recommendations for increased productivity.

Edgepoint For Enterprise:
The DNA of Your Success

Edgepoint provides intelligent analytics on successful enterprise workflows by tracking digital tool usage and problem-solving strategies in live customer environments. This gives organizations unique insights around the workflows actively driving market success - the DNA that differentiates them. Without understanding what makes them uniquely competitive, firms risk drifting further from the core strengths underpinning their performance.

Business Intelligence capabilities:

Large organizations overlook the institutional memory and intelligence that high-frequency traders tap into to predict organizational moves and behaviors. This same real-time business insight that could drive better and faster daily decisions lies dormant within enterprises. Edgepoint generates, archives, and activates this fast-paced memory of workflows and activities powering success. By unleashing this competitive intelligence, Edgepoint arms organizations to actively leverage the institutional knowledge fueling performance - intelligence that is often inaccessible without Edgepoint's analytics.

What is Edgepoint +

Edgepoint+ is a headless or GUI-less background app that manages logon desktop activity by keeping track of all end-user devices, data, and metadata without requiring the end-user to take any action; it functions as a cloud storage and cloud AI services provider. A personal or corporate cloud portal with an advanced analytics dashboard enables the quick saving, recalling, and sharing of a limitless number of documents, applications, websites, cloud data, and other digital resources.

What are Edgepoint + Features?

Our application, Edgepoint+, encompasses a range of robust functionalities and features, including: > User Analytics > Business Continuity > Data Analytics > Preemptive Troubleshooting > Remote Work Monitoring and Management > Personal Cloud Integration > Contextual Structured Data Analysis > Real-time Hardware Health Checks, and more. These features are just a glimpse of the comprehensive capabilities offered by the Edgepoint+ application, which serves as a vigilant data monitor and empowers users with sophisticated data visualization tools.

What are Edgepoint + Benefits?

Edgepoint+, our advanced application, offers a rich array of features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency across various aspects of your operations, with its features it provides invaluable benefits. You can effortlessly track workflow activities, including monitoring idle time and identifying non-essential tasks. The application also meticulously monitors both device and network performance, granting users access to a comprehensive dashboard with macro to micro data drill-down options. Through its seamless system sessions, Edgepoint+ ensures a streamlined user experience, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations.

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