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Too many applications means wasted time, not efficiency

Edgepoint's approach transcends the limitations of traditional SaaS management. By providing comprehensive visibility into an organization's entire application ecosystem, it allows businesses to assess the true value and relevance of each application.

SaaS sprawl is a growing issue as organizations adopt more SaaS apps,  leading to increased costs, duplicated data, security risks, and efficiency issues. Edgepoint Software offers a solution to SaaS sprawl with an intelligent platform that provides visibility into the SaaS ecosystem to identify redundancies and optimize app portfolios. Key benefits include reduced costs through streamlining apps, enhanced data security, and simpler IT management. Beyond managing sprawl, Edgepoint's insights empower strategic technology adoption and informed decision-making to support sustainable growth. Its centralized oversight for access, governance, and optimization gives control over SaaS apps without the pitfalls of sprawl. As the sprawl threat impedes progress, Edgepoint drives organizations towards order and clarity for  digital success.

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